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REVIEW | The Band | UK Tour

Take That’s new musical The Band opened their sparkling new musical The Band in Manchester last night to a tumultuous reception in an evening a lot of people will never forget. Opening in 1992 and centred around five girls and their unbreakable friendship, it’s a heart-warming story about growing up and growing apart. We are…

RENT Uk tour review


Jonathon Larson’s musical RENT is twenty-years old but this cast currently touring the UK make it feel more fresh, and more relevant than ever before. Set in the East Village in New York, we hear the stories of a group of young people struggling with drugs, homelessness and HIV. Based on the opera La Bohème, Larson has crafted…

La strada UK Tour review

REVIEW | La Strada | UK Tour

La Strada is a powerful play based on Federico Fellini’s 1957 Oscar-winning film. Director Sally Cookson has captured the powerful themes and displayed them in a performance that is both imaginative and inventive. It’s a timeless Italian tale about a young and highly naive girl Gelsomina who is sold by her mother to be an assistant…

REVIEW | Not Yet Suffragette | Natalie Cutler

Following a successful run at the Brighton Fringe, Natalie Cutler is touring her outstanding performance of Not Yet Suffragette, that explores how ‘not’ far we have come with gender equality since the Suffragette movement. Actor, writer, comedian and everything in-between, Natalie Cutler is an extraordinary woman. Her hour long piece focuses on the history of women and…