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Ana Garcia Flamenco Edition 2018

INTERVIEW | Ana Garcia talks Bringing a Flavour of Spain to the UK Through Flamenco

Living in the UK for over twenty years now, Ana Garcia had a remarkable career as a flamenco dancer before going on to create Flamenco Edition, a company that brings high-quality flamenco productions across the UK. Now producing the fourth Flamenco Edition to cross the regions, Ana has brought over a production called Sinergia starring one of Spain’s…

REVIEW | Domestica | Orbit Festival

“We are going to try to bore you to death,” a woman speaks deeply into a microphone as she stares blankly at the audience. Sat at a table draped in a black cloth, her eyes widen as she introduces us to the hypnotically poetic narrative. Sleepwalk Collective have created an incredibly immersive piece of theatre that explores…