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RSC Titus Andronicus Review Amy Stutz - Nia Gwynne

REVIEW | Titus Andronicus | RSC

Continuing the RSC’s Rome Season, director Blanche McIntyre has approached Shakespeare’s most gruesome and bloodiest play in a highly contemporary way. Set in the 21st century, it gives an insightful view on the brutality of politics in a completely heightened way, yet the modern adaptation feels chillingly relevant as it shines a light on the consequences…

REVIEW | Salomé | RSC

Director Owen Horsley’s reimagined production of Salomé is wild, clever and groundbreaking. In commemoration of 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, the poetic performance is focused on sexuality and gender – as Salomé is cast as a man, creating immense sexual ambiguity. The story of unrequited lust amplifies intrigue because of the lack of…

RSC Mischief Festival Earthworks and Myth

REVIEW | RSC’s Mischief Festival – Earthworks & Myth

This year the RSC’s Mischief Festival presents a double bill of plays centred around the question:  “What is unsayable in the 21st century?” They have created two powerfully creative pieces that combine sincerity, wit and depth to create performances that are entirely thought-provoking.   Earthworks The first performance titled Earthworks is directed by Artistic Director of the…

INTERVIEW | RSC Director Owen Horsley on the Gender Fluidity of his Production of Salomé

Owen Horsley is directing a contemporary take on Oscar Wilde’s lyrical production of Salomé. The poetic one-act drama is being recreated with sexual ambiguity at the core. Marking 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, Owen wanted to direct this play was written by Oscar Wilde, in a time where people were imprisoned for being…

Antony and Cleopatra Review RSC

REVIEW | Antony and Cleopatra | RSC

Shakespeare’s not-so love story Antony and Cleopatra is brought to life at the RSC in conjunction with their Rome season as it continues the story of Julius Caesar. Struggling between his love and adoration for Cleopatra and his duties towards Ancient Rome, Antony is a character that suffers a lot of conflict in the production. After…

REVIEW | Julius Caesar | RSC

The RSC’s Rome season has kicked off with a powerful production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The play centres around immense ambition and ferocious conflict. Julius Caesar is a production that exudes authority, as the rhetoric language heigtens the idea of power. Caesar is a commanding character that holds strength and supremecy through both his tone and gait….