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REVIEW | Salomé | RSC

Director Owen Horsley’s reimagined production of Salomé is wild, clever and groundbreaking. In commemoration of 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, the poetic performance is focused on sexuality and gender – as Salomé is cast as a man, creating immense sexual ambiguity. The story of unrequited lust amplifies intrigue because of the lack of…

REVIEW | Eclipse & Jinx 103 | IDFB

As part of International Dance Festival Birmingham (IDFB), last night two performances joined together to create a production of high-quality and innovatively choreographed dance. The first performance is from two men Józef Trefoil & Gábor Varga who choreographed and perform their piece titled Jinx103. Upon arrival, you are invited to sit in a circle around the stage,…