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INTERVIEW | Rabiah Hussain Talks Where I Live And What I Live For

Taking American novelist Henry David Thoreau’s provocation ‘We are not where we are, but in a false position’ as a central theme, Theatre Absolute are commissioning personal and political stories to reflect that. Rabiah Hussain is a playwright, poet, performer and storyteller and has written a powerful, thought-provoking monologue Where I Live And What I Live For….

REVIEW | Exactly Like You | Edinburgh Fringe

Lotte Rice, an actress and spoken word artist performs a one woman show about a young lady named Abbie’s life, love and loss. It is beautifully poetic and told with touching expression, and heart-aching emotion. Singer, songwriter and activist Nina Simone has always played a huge part in Abbie’s life, Nina Simone was her grandmother’s idol and…