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REVIEW | GATE | Cockpit Theatre

Exploring the idea of what happens to us after we die, Artemis Fitzalan Howard‘s new production of GATE uses witty dialogue and contemporary themes to create a ‘gate to heaven’ where four twenty-somethings who have died and arrive at the gate having absolutely no idea how they got there. Once they’ve arrived, they have to do…

INTERVIEW | Philippa Hogg Talks Immersive Theatre in Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground has been successfully entertaining the masses in London this summer as an immersive theatrical experience that takes you through the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Philippa Hogg is part of the production, taking on a different role every night. “Immersive theatre basically means that the audience are part of the action,” she…

My go-to Cocktail Destinations

It’s pretty safe to say that cocktails are a big part of my life. Whether it’s a special occasion, holiday, drinks with my friends or testing out new recipes at home, I am never too far from a cocktail. As my writing takes me around the three largest cities in the UK; Manchester, Birmingham and London….