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INTERVIEW | Yvonne Murphy | Women in the Creative Industries

“Why do you identify as a feminist?”, I asked Yvonne when I first sat down with her at the British Council’s Women in the Creative Industries event. “Because I’m a human being” she responded. Yvonne Murphy is a Freelance Director/Producer and Artistic Director of Omidaze Productions. She directed an all-female Richard III and Henrey IV co-production with Wales…

What IS She Wearing? | Wonder Women Festival

The Wonder Women festival kicked off last night at their launch What IS She Wearing, an event by Instigate Arts which explored the link between fashion and protest. Highlighting the theme of fashion and beauty and how women are defined by their looks and what they wear. “HairStories” was an exhibit based on the feminist term “HerStories”. As part of…

21 years / 21 works

21 years/21 works is a celebration of Charlotte Vincent’s work, a highly talented choreographer and artistic director. Charlotte created Vincent Dance Theatre back in 1994 and what intrigued me the most about her work is that all her pieces are inspired by feminism. As a feminist practitioner she powerfully explores the demand for gender equality through movement….

International Women’s Day

Tomorrow is International Women’s day, a global day across the whole world that celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women. In honor of this day I wanted to reflect upon the most significant feminist campaigns over the last few years. It was only in the past few years that I came to terms with the…