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INTERVIEW | Emma Jayne Park Talks Cancer, Mental Health and Accessible Theatre

Emma Jayne Park is the Artistic Director of Cultured Mongrel which she founded as a means to impact the sector beyond simply touring work. Emma is described to make ‘socio-political performances and installations as a catalyst for deepening discussion and encouraging social change.’ Currently touring with 2Faced Dance’s Outlands, a triple bill of contemporary dance…

Exploring the Illuminati through dance with choreographer Rosie Kay

“‘Fake News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’ have become the news, and the fragile balance of trust between truth, the news, our leaders and the media has been fractured,” writes Rosie Kay, award-winning choreographer about her latest show MK Ultra, that looks at the idea of conspiracy theories in pop culture through powerfully hypnotic dance. Established in 2014, Rosie…