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Rome travel guide Sincerely Amy

Travel Guide | Rome

On July 12th I travelled to Rome with my family for 5 days to explore the city and all the history behind it. It’s a beautiful city with many eye-opening wonders that really take you back to Ancient Roman time and enable you to see what it was really like for the Romans and how…


At the beginning of July my best friend Shannon and I went to Paris, we wanted to have a girly holiday so we hopped on a plane and explored the beauty of Paris for four days. We managed to book the whole trip at staggeringly low price, when booking our flights in advance they were…


Last week I fell in love with the beautiful city of Amsterdam. On my first day in Amsterdam I took a canal boat tour around the city, this is something that just has to be done when in Amsterdam because Amsterdam is made up of rings of canals that run throughout the city. Gliding across the water on a…