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Sparks Review at Edinburgh Fringe

REVIEW | Sparks | Edinburgh Fringe

Sparks is a beautifully poignant show telling the story of a woman searching for love amidst grief. Performed by Jessica Butcher and Anoushka Lucas, they tell her story through both music and monologue. After seeing Flipping the Bird Theatre’s 2016 Edinburgh Fringe production of Torch, a show that I still think about today, it was…

Loop Review Edinburgh Fringe 2018

REVIEW | Loop | Edinburgh Fringe

Crossing three generations, five decades and multiple popular music styles, Boxless Theatre’s Loop tells the story of a family’s dynamic across the ages through music. Opening in 1965, a young woman from London decides enough is enough and packs her life into a small brown suitcase to take the train to Manchester embarking on a…

RSC Merry Wives of Windsor

REVIEW | Merry Wives of Windsor | RSC

Tackling the comedy of Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor and making it appeal to a young audience seems like a challenge, but the RSC’s latest production is lavish, stylish and ludicrously funny. Director Fiona Laird has completely transformed this Shakespearean comedy with her totally modern approach. With bright colours, camp characters and lots of sparkle,…

REVIEW | Dragon Slayer | Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle’s spectacular summer show is an immersive production that takes the audience on a historical journey into the entangled love story of two star-crossed lovers. This brand new night-time show pushes boundaries as a theatrical production that blends a captivating family story with mindblowing special effects. The 10th-century tale tells the story of a…