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What IS She Wearing? | Wonder Women Festival

The Wonder Women festival kicked off last night at their launch What IS She Wearing, an event by Instigate Arts which explored the link between fashion and protest. Highlighting the theme of fashion and beauty and how women are defined by their looks and what they wear. “HairStories” was an exhibit based on the feminist term “HerStories”. As part of…

A Jar Full of Memories

Let’s be honest, as soon as the 1st of September arrived we grabbed our coats and scarfs accepting the fact that summer is over. Earlier this summer I teamed up with ThinkMoney and their fantastic summer memories campaign. In conjunction with their Jam J-art project they asked me to fill a 1L Kilner Jar with…

Serenata flowers | Giveaway |

I was contacted by Serenata Flowers, an online flower shop that specialises in gifts and special occasions. They asked if I was interested in reviewing a product of theirs and I was delighted to get involved. On the Serenata Flowers website, there is an extensive catalogue of flowers for all occasions and all seasons. In addition to…