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INTERVIEW | Sonja Lawrenson | Women in Creative Industries

As a lecturer in eighteenth and nineteenth century literature at Manchester Metropolitan University, Sonja’s research centres around women’s writing from the late seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century, with a keen interest in Irish literature, eighteenth-century imperialism, Romantic Orientalism, feminist criticism and postcolonial theory. As a highly intelligent academic, Sonja talked to me about education, the feminist…

INTERVIEW | Yvonne Murphy | Women in the Creative Industries

“Why do you identify as a feminist?”, I asked Yvonne when I first sat down with her at the British Council’s Women in the Creative Industries event. “Because I’m a human being” she responded. Yvonne Murphy is a Freelance Director/Producer and Artistic Director of Omidaze Productions. She directed an all-female Richard III and Henrey IV co-production with Wales…