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INTERVIEW | Didy Veldman Talks Weddings, Celebrations and Rituals in Immersive Dance Show ‘The Knot’

New dance company Umanoove are touring their second production The Knot, an immersive piece of dance that explores the idea of weddings and marriage. A cast of seven dancers play the roles of the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids, and the audience members are invited to become the weddings guests as the celebrations unfold….

The Pride at the Hope Mill Theatre

INTERVIEW | Director Dan Jarvis on Bringing The Pride to Hope Mill Theatre

Green Carnation Company are staging their debut production of Alexi Kaye-Campbell’s gripping drama at the Hope Mill Theatre. The Pride is a gay drama split across decades that switches between alternative timelines following a love triangle between three characters. Set in both 1958 and 2008, we watch how differently their lives play out dependent on…

Abbi from Rash Dash Theatre

INTERVIEW | RashDash’s Abbi Greenland Talks Blending Theatre and Science in Future Bodies

RashDance Theatre Company are exploring human enhancement technologies in a new innovative and thought-provoking production with Unlimited Theatre. Working with leading scientists and researches, they delve into the world of brain implants, smart drugs and artificial intelligence. Doing what they do best, they are using text, music and physical theatre to explore what our bodies…