REVIEW | Avenue Q | UK Tour

What do you do when you’ve graduated with a degree in English? When Princeton arrives as a new resident on Avenue Q in New York, he thinks his life is just beginning. With clever puppetry, witty musical numbers and a story that resonates with all of us, Avenue Q is about the trials and tribulations of every day life.

Growing up and navigating life is something all the residents on the Avenue Q can relate to. Whether it’s holding down a steady job, maintaining friendships or relationships, all of this is covered through side-splitting humour. There is a reason this production has been running for years as it continues to thrive.

Playing on the theme of well-loved children’s programmes such as Sesame Street and The Muppets, the musical combines puppets and humans to bring the neighbourhood to life. However, with the 14+ guideline, it is a show that doesn’t shy away from the risqué. The potty-mouthed puppets ooze with charm and you find yourself captivated by their story.

I’ve seen this musical a number of times but this particular production boasts a sensationally talented cast that bring incredible charisma to the roles. Lawrence Smith is utterly sweet as young Princeton who captures the hearts of the audience with his sweet naivety. Smith’s strong acting is displayed through the way he is constantly switching roles with ease from Princeton to the uptight Republican Rod.

Saori Oda as Christmas Eve and Lawrence Smith as Rod in Avenue Q
Saori Oda as Christmas Eve and Lawrence Smith as Rod in Avenue Q

Cecily Redman shines in the roles of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut – two completely contrasting characters. She brings a beautiful optimism to the hopeful Kate Monster and a seductive confidence to Lucy the Slut. Redman’s stellar vocals are crystal clear and her animated expression lights up the stage.

The cast bring heaps of energy to the stage to create a high-quality production that is bursting with charisma. You’d be hard pressed to leave without a huge grin on your face (and you might never been able to look at puppets in the same way again.) It’s a joyous night at the theatre and the perfect entertainment to brighten up the gloomy weather.

Avenue Q is on at the Wolverhampton Grand theatre until Saturday 15th of June.

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