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Yours Sincerely by Will Jackson at Birmingham Rep's Foundry Festival

REVIEW | Yours Sincerely | Birmingham Rep’s Foundry Festival

When you think you’re seeing a show about stamp collecting, you do wonder how an hour could be filled with such a narrative, however, Will Jackson’s play is something special. After stealing 300 2nd class stamps from the Post Office, Will is on a mission to make them count and we follow him on his witty and heartfelt journey through letter-writing.

Written and performed by Will Jackson for the Birmingham Rep’s Foundry Festival, this festival celebrates work and work-in-progress pieces by emerging playwrights, directors and theatre-makers.

This queer comedy captures the joys and perils of letter writing. In a world surrounded by technology it’s exciting to watch someone in a high-tech modern world use the beautiful art of letter writing to communicate. Whether it’s sending letters to his old friends, crushes, Cadburys and John Lewis, we get to know Will through his letters.

Will is not only a superb writer but an excellent comedian. His sarcasm and wit is hilarious and he has such a natural stage presence which makes the audience feel as if they’ve known him all their life. This works brilliantly as he dips into some more serious tribulations he faces in his life which we discover through the words of his letters. After getting to know this lovable character, you really feel for him during his hard times, despite his attempts to cover it up with humour.

Will’s sassy, eccentric character is utterly fabulous but what makes him so genuine is his honesty. He tackles the struggle of leaving university and trying to put together a life to be proud of, something that everyone can relate to. Will expresses the anxiety of losing touch with friends and trying your best to keep that communication alive.

Whether it’s writing to friends to update them on his life or to companies to complain, we get a real authentic sense of Will and every aspect of his life. Lip syncing to Kylie Minogue and other iconic singers to transition between scenes, it’s a funny and touching show that takes an interesting look at modern-day communication through exquisite expression.

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