Loop Review Edinburgh Fringe 2018

REVIEW | Loop | Edinburgh Fringe

Crossing three generations, five decades and multiple popular music styles, Boxless Theatre’s Loop tells the story of a family’s dynamic across the ages through music.

Opening in 1965, a young woman from London decides enough is enough and packs her life into a small brown suitcase to take the train to Manchester embarking on a new chapter in her life. Transported into her life through slick physical theatre, the four actors on stage each play a huge role in her journey. Fast forward to the 80s where we watch a classic love story evolve as a young boy and girl fall in love in a Manchester nightclub. Then to present day where a young man feels misunderstood and finds escapism in his music.

We watch Lucy Annable, the shy young woman who arrives in Manchester in the 60s age gracefully throughout the play into the concerned mother and wise grandmother. Annable may hunch over, and her physique may change, but the soft and optimistic delivery of her lines is authentic. Aaron Price is a natural as the shy young boy desperate to impress the confident and bold girl played by Emily Costello. They grow up to have a son, who expresses himself through his music. James Demaine takes on many roles in the production, but captures the fragility of the intriguing young man who dreams of making it in London back where his grandma grew up.

It’s a simple concept that is simply executed but it’s truly brilliant. The storytelling is unique but completely encapsulates the audience with engaging characters and physical movement. The stories of this family resonate with the life we all live. Whether that’s escaping to a new city, falling in love or dealing with obstacles in life.

Loop is a beautifully crafted show that cycles through the ages with meaningful and stylised movement driven by an electric energy from the entire cast. This charming story captures the ever-moving and constant change in life that keeps pushing us along. With a strong soundtrack of classics through the ages, it’s a truly enthralling piece of fringe theatre.


On at Edinburgh Fringe, tickets and information can be found here.

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