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FINALE by Analog at the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin

REVIEW | Thrilling Contemporary Circus with FINALE at the Chamäleon Theatre

The beautiful Chamäleon Theatre sits well in Berlin’s thriving arts scene with their vibrant and dynamic contemporary circus productions that continue to shine.

Establishing itself as an exciting venue for new circus, it is a really quirky and unconventional venue that is always a guarantee for a breathtaking evening of world-class entertainment.

FINALE, by Analog is the first Berlin-based company that I’ve been lucky enough to watch at the Chamäleon and they brought style and flair with their striking new production. It’s amazing how different each company that perform at the Chamäleon are, but Analog’s individual style of circus is both bold and thrilling, creating a production that will grasp you from the moment the lights go down.

Reminiscing on their days doing street performances, the circus artists in FINALE bring humour and passion to their performance. Opening in the aisle between the audience, the company already break that barrier and invite you into their performance space. With excellent slapstick comedy, I was instantly drawn to the performers’ charismatic personality.

The intimacy of the theatre creates more of a shock, as the performers are balancing and performing audacious tricks quite literally above your head.

The combination of gorgeous atmospheric lighting, inspiring energy and flawless live original music, creates an incomparable piece of contemporary circus. The connection of the company is instantly obvious, and the fact they are all such close friends translates beautifully on stage through their chemistry with one another. The production itself is a huge celebration of life and it’s infectious to watch.


FINALE by Analog at the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin


Ena Wild accompanies the performers with her remarkable live vocals. I don’t know what is more impressive, her voice or her outfits, as she appears on the stage in extravagant and creative costumes. Wild’s stage presence is entirely commanding and her music style ranges from hip-hop to electro beats, rock and jazz and reflects that of the Berlin underground music scene. With the music written by Ena and Lukas Thielecke, her performance creates an incredible vibe that feels almost like a cross between circus and a live gig.

The circus performers excel as they bring an authentic passion to their movement. Stunning the audience with extravagant and shocking tricks interjected with captivating moments of stillness, we really see the versatility of these performers.

Alongside their impressive stamina and technical ability, they are engaging performers that form a true connection with the audience. I found myself on the edge of my seat as they performed electrifying tricks and routines bursting with energy. However, it was the exquisite aerial moments that created pockets of stillness that are incredibly entrancing.

With the name FINALE, you expect it to end with a bang, and it certainly goes above and beyond. With a party atmosphere complete with confetti cannons and high-spirits, the performers end on a high with their spectacular explosion of acrobatics.

Analog’s production FINALE has a fresh energy like no other, and the company creates a really authentic and personal piece of contemporary circus. The Chamäleon Theater have outdone themselves with this sensational production that truly captures the wild and free spirit of Berlin.


More information on the spellbinding FINALE at the Chamäleon Theatre can be found online here.

Find out more about the Chamäleon Theatre on their website.

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