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INSIDE | A Cultured Weekend in Berlin with the Chamäleon Theater

In the heart of Berlin lies the magnificent Chamäleon Theater, a unique theatre that displays the beauty of Berlin through its typical cabaret style staging creating a 1920s atmosphere. The historic ballroom has been transformed into a theatre showing new circus that is both bold and revolutionary. With a diverse program that offers an extraordinary array of circus crossing a multitude of themes that continue to resonate with both audiences from Berlin and beyond.

Collaborating with battleROYAL the Chamäleon Theater have created a powerful production of contemporary circus that depicts the diverse parades of life on stage. Focusing on the idea that through life we constantly trying to participate in all the parades that cross our path, or mask ourselves in order to blend into the background. These two ideas are explored through beautiful dance and jaw-dropping circus.

The Chamäleon Theater are constantly breaking boundaries with their remarkably crafted performances. Just when you think they can’t get better, they do, and Parade is no exception with its groundbreaking themes. With the use of innovative lighting, the striking movement is lit powerfully with different shades of colour lighting up the stage. Video installations are also used to interact with the performers which creates some stunning moments and heightens the physical performance.



The tone of Parade is entirely consuming, there are moments of vibrancy, humour, and playfulness intertwined with stillness, allowing us to focus on the mesmeric performances. From the curtain up, we are introduced to the performers and given the opportunity to form a connection as they speak directly to the audience. Emma is sensational as she spins gracefully on the aerial hoops, showcasing her fantastic tricks.

There are some jaw-dropping moments of balance where the performers stand on top of one-another reaching great heights – their boundless strength and energy is unbelievable. Beata steals the show with her impressive flexibility, poise, and movement, her aerial being the highlight of the whole show. She manages to create a serene atmosphere, captivating the audience that you could quite literally hear a pin drop. The duets are moving, dynamic and showcase the suppleness of the performers as they glide elegantly together.

The most beautiful element of the production is the way the cast work together to form shapes and movement, and you witness the artists build trust throughout the production. They begin with a sense of hesitancy but as the show progresses, the artists are drawn together building a strong connection that is completely encapsulating.

The soundtrack to the show is exquisite, creating a ravishing diversity of music that lifts the movement and carries the show seamlessly. Musician Takumi performs components of the music live with an abundance of instruments that bring immense flavour to the show.

If you’re heading to Berlin for a weekend of culture, you’d be daft not to take a trip to the Chamäleon Theater to catch their thrilling and innovative production of Parade.


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Tickets and information for Parade at the Chamäleon Theater can be found here.

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