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INSIDE | Slava’s Snow Show & Win a Family Ticket

Christmas comes early to the Lowry this October with the multi-award-winning winter wonderland extravaganza Slava’s Snowshow arriving in Salford. The unique theatrical adventure is a true spectacle and an experience like no other. Guaranteed to both awe-inspire and touch your heart, both adults and families step into the snowy world for a joyous, moving production.

The universal production of Slava’s Snowshow has spanned across 30 countries and 120 cities it really is a production like you’ve never seen before. Through theatrical clowning, the slapstick comedy mixes with a beautifully crafted intricacy. It affects all your senses as they break down the fourth wall with large cobwebs and balls floating around the audience, and the showstopping blizzard that fills the auditorium with magic.

Created and performed by Russian performance artist Slava Polunin poured his passion of clowning into this show. Slava always wanted to be a clown, he said it “just grew” within him. He said: “My work cannot really be called clowning, for my main objective is to break down borders and restrictions. But a clown is really like a child – we have an immediacy and a freedom, as children do. It is impossible for a child to sit still for more than five minutes, and, like clowns they always demand to be the centre of attention. Think of five children – or five clowns – in the middle of a room?  Phew!  Impossible!  But, like children, we also want to be loved. But I am extremely blessed, because I am happy, and joyous, and also extremely lucky!

Described as “anarchic” and also “a genius” Slava is a world-renowned artist. Born in the USSR 56 years ago in a tiny village of 3000 inhabitants or so, he didn’t grow up in a theatrical family. However he was a child with a huge imagination, making up stories and running free in the local woods, he became an expert at building tree houses.

Slava cares deeply about his work and puts in an abundance of thought and effort into every second of the rehearsals and performance. His mission, he thinks, is ““to get the audience to open up, and to be a lot more creative within themselves.  But I know from experience that what makes them hysterical in Britain will get a completely different reaction in Tokyo. They will see different interpretations of what I do.”

Slava wanted each character in the show to reflect a different aspect of clown Assissiaï’s character. This then inspired the troupe of clowns where each distinctive character is easily recognisable by the audience. Despite not being about Christmas, the stunning music mixed with the snow blizzard creates a warm wintery feeling. Fun for all the family, Slava’s Snowshow takes the magic of theatre to new heights.


Win up to four tickets to Slava’s Snowshow at the Lowry from the 24th to the 29th of October this half term, just RT this tweet to win!



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