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REVIEW | Aladdin | Birmingham Royal Ballet

David Bintley’s Aladdin transports you into a whole new world with its sublime choreography and glittering productions values that cement why Birmingham Royal Ballet truly pull out all the stops in their divine performances that uses magic and illusion to create a splendid ballet that both shines and shimmers.

Opening in old Arabia, the story we all know and love is brought to life through the remarkable design of the production. With an extravagant set that transitions seamlessly, whether it’s the decadence of the Royal Court or the vibrancy of the dancing dragon, Aladdin is a full-blown ravishing production. Bursting with sparkle, it has us in a rather Christmassy mood ahead of their iconic Christmas production of The Nutcracker.

Leading the company in the title role of Aladdin is Mathias Dingman who is born to play the role. With his cheeky grin and charismatic personality, he brings a breath of fresh air to the young character as he dances flawlessly with a spring in every step. Opposite him, Momoko Hirata dances the role of Princess Badr ah-Budur with elegance and flair. Hirata moves so delicately it almost looks as if she is flying.

Dominating as the villainous Mahgrib is Iain Mackay who gives a menacing performance as the magician from the East who manipulates Aladdin and conjures up a sirocco wind that carries them out of the city and into the deserted cave. Mackay’s commanding stage presence displays a villainous charm as he shines in the role.

As Aladdin rubs the battered and rusty lamp, it fills the stage with light and The Djinn of the Lamp appears. Tzu-Chao Chou is exceptional as the genie, bringing an incredible amount of energy to his performance. Leaping and gliding across the stage, his countless pristine pirouettes are bound to leave you speechless.

The highlight of the show, however, belongs to the scenes in the cave. As the dancers exquisitely grace the stage as jewels such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds, the contrasting colours and captivating movement light up the stage. Jenna Roberts beautifully leads the sapphire’s in the enchanting feast for the eyes.

Dancing dragons, flying carpets and floating genies, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Aladdin doesn’t hold back when it comes to really bringing the magic of the fairy-tale to life through dazzling classical ballet.

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s performance of Aladdin is an absolute gem and will leave you wishing to see it over and over again.


Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Aladdin is currently on tour and tickets can be found here.

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