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REVIEW | Not Yet Suffragette | Natalie Cutler

Following a successful run at the Brighton Fringe, Natalie Cutler is touring her outstanding performance of Not Yet Suffragette, that explores how ‘not’ far we have come with gender equality since the Suffragette movement.

Actor, writer, comedian and everything in-between, Natalie Cutler is an extraordinary woman. Her hour long piece focuses on the history of women and our lack of equality through exceptional humour and faultless characterisation.

Natalie truly brings the piece to life through her excellent portrayal of different characters. Ranging from the uptight and arrogant men of authority in the war who refused to admit that women’s roles were vital, to the 50s housewife that believed staying at home to look after your husband was what women were made for. Natalie creates these animated characters seamlessly, and her remarkable acting skills mirror her excellently crafted writing.

Witty, relevant and incredibly thought-provoking, Natalie opens by taking on the roles of the women that shaped history. Stumbling onto the stage in a Suffragette’s uniform, she continues to evolve into the first female soldier in the war, and then talks us through the decades, with referral to genuine magazine articles of the 50s, 60s and 70s about how a woman should act.

Aside from the historical elements, Natalie touches on the issues women face in today’s society. It is her performance as the women who aren’t feminists, and don’t believe in equality, that are the most powerful performances in the show. Through sarcasm and excellent humour, her exaggerative characterisation has the audience howling with laughter as they realise how unbelievable these issues actually are. In a seminar about tampon tax, she plays a lady who explains that tampons are taxed because they are classed as a ‘luxury’. “How about we stop letting men make decisions about women?” Natalie asks. Through the incredible humour, are poignant questions that really emphasise the need we still have for feminism, and the importance of fighting for equality.

It’s an eye-opening performance that is slick, powerful and triumphantly funny. Natalie Cutler is a natural performer who completely commands the stage – her storytelling and characterisation appears effortless. Natalie’s ability to strike a balance between the significance of the themes and the brilliant comedy is superb.

***** 5 Star

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