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REVIEW | Amelia Ryan Is Lady Liberty | Edinburgh Fringe

Bursting onto the stage clutching a bottle of champagne, Amelia Ryan brings a comedic cabaret act to the Edinburgh Fringe all about her quest to live a liberated life.

In-between her delightful singing of hilarious renditions of musical numbers that are reimagined to fit her wildly fearless life, Amelia Ryan brings charisma and sass to the stage in an hour of high-quality female empowerment.

She begins by addressing the audience about how she has lost her excitement and passion for life. After experiencing a bad break up, she found herself 29-years-old, single, and living with her mother in a tiny town in Australia. She then goes on to explain about her seven step process to kicking out the negativity and living life to the absolute fullest. Amelia’s energy is electric and she explains that the truth to being a Lady Liberty is by absolutely not giving a damn.

Aside from the motivation, Amelia tells the audience about her dreams, regrets and wishes. Even touching on politics, she talks about her plead for gay marriage to be legalised in Australia and sings about it in a lyrical masterpiece that is an adaptation of the Little Mermaid’s Part Of That World. Other musical highlights include her number about being hungover and remorseful in her version of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time titled Wine After Wine. Not to mention her uplifting twist on The Book Of Morman’s I Believe, in which she sings about her journey to being true to herself.

Tremendously likeable, Amelia invites the audience into her world and shares maybe even slightly too much through the stories of her past. Being in the audience makes you feel part of the conversation, as Amelia consistently chats to everyone and even invites a few lucky audience members on stage for a game of never have I ever. 

Amelia Ryan gives an unforgettably sparkling performance in Lady Liberty – you are bound to leave the show feeling inspired and fist-pumping the air.

**** 4 star

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