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REVIEW | Bella Younger’s Deliciously Stella | Edinburgh Fringe

“Because if you can’t have a perfect life on instagram, where can you?” Bella Younger asks the audience in her stand up performance about the internet craze surrounding Clean Eating. 

Tackling all the hilarious social media stereotypes that millennials face today, Deliciously Stella is an internet sensation. Known for her excellent parody instagram account that goes above and beyond to mock the clean eaters. Using her spiralizer to make strawberry laces, and her nutribullet to create cocktails, Bella has cracked it when it comes to saying what everyone else is thinking.

The stand up show itself is designed to be in the style of a seminar, in which Bella is preaching about how to get the glow and having a banging bod. Referring to herself as Deliciously Stella, she tells stories of when she lived with Amazingly Amy who ditched her to become a yoga doing, zen feeling, clean eater.

Since when was spinning anything other than lying down when you’re drunk? Why is everyone instagramming avocados? She makes a lot of jokes that even I can admit I am guilty of, probably most of the audience can admit they’ve done it once or twice. Bella pokes fun at hashtags by opening the show asking if anyone has any cheat food, when she lacks a response she then goes on to explain that cheat food is when you instagram a picture of food and caption it #guilty.

The “under-qualified” nutritionist is wildly popular on Instagram and completely relatable, as her persona really identifies to the real women behind their glossy Instagrams. She is brave enough to put herself out there honestly, and whilst the idea itself is brilliant, I felt the execution of it all wasn’t strong and it felt static at times.

Bella Younger embodies the upper-class health guru image with her witty remarks and sharp jokes. She wades through what she calls the “nutribullshit” and breaks the Instagram barriers.

***½ – 3 and a half stars

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