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REVIEW | London, Paris, Roam | Edinburgh Fringe

Sarah Tullamore takes to the stage in a one woman show of storytelling and music, as she chats about her life as a woman of a certain age that has scoured the globe.

I was initially drawn to this show because of its emphasis on Paris, as someone who is completely in love with the city I adored the way she spoke (and sung) so fondly of it. Telling a multitude of anecdotes about the Parisian culture, food and men, the script’s language has a vast amount of intriguing imagery.

Having written the piece herself, it has a humbling warmth to it and doesn’t feel like acting. Performed in an intimate space, it genuinely feels as if you have been welcomed into Sarah’s home for 50 minutes to share a glass of wine and hear the tales of her adventurous life. The show opens with Sarah fumbling through boxes of her things as she tells the audience she is clearing out her stuff to move on with the next chapter of her life.

Sarah sings a variety of upbeat, comical numbers with the combination of more moving songs. What I particularly engaged with was that the show is essentially a love song to Paris, which is sung sublimely by Sarah. Her vocals have a strong influence of musical theatre but are soft enough to not feel overly staged. She impresses with her higher register, but most of all her ability to express her thoughts and feelings through her vocals is remarkable.

Whilst it isn’t a life changing show, or something that will make you feel intense emotion or howl with laughter. It is an enjoyable and personal performance that is thoroughly entertaining.The concept for a show shouldn’t work, but it does, which I think is because Sarah is incredibly likeable and her stories are utterly sweet.

London, Paris, Roam as a little bit of sugar on your afternoon at the Fringe.

***½ – 3 and a half stars

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