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REVIEW | Buzz – A New Musical | Edinburgh Fringe

Imagine Bridget Jones meets Miranda Hart and throw in Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Buzz is a flawlessly feminist musical about the history of the vibrator and its place in today’s society.

Angie, played by Allie Munro, is newly single and on a journey of self discovery. After her boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with her after 3 years, she feels stuck. As she finds herself complaining to her best friend about her tragic ex, she slips out the fact she has never owned a vibrator. To her best friend’s shock, she drags her straight to the holy grail of Anne Summers.

The musical itself is excellently melodramatic, and Angie appears to be the only one stuck in the real world. Whenever something becomes apparent, such as the fact that Cleopatra used sex toys, the stage became bursting with people dressed head-to-toe in greek gowns singing about Cleopatra. These spontaneous outbursts are particularly humorous as Angie (who spends the whole show in her pyjamas) is constantly looking at the audience and spouting things like “what is the hell is going on” and “this is not a Disney movie.”

The score by Robyn Grant (lyrics) and James Ringer-Beck (music) is explicitly witty, when we are introduced to historical characters singing about sex, the audience howl with laughter. This is complimented by the brilliant script that is enhanced by the actor’s natural comedy timing.

The show also explores the double standard put upon women when it comes to sex, and how it isn’t as accepted for them to talk it so straightforwardly – something that was surely overcome when Sex and The City was on TV.

Aside from the excellent puns, sensational score and boundary breaking themes, Buzz addresses issues women are facing today in a frank matter. Ending with the women in the show feeling empowered, they sing into dildos with the sold-out audience clapping enthusiastically along.

Buzz is an absolute triumph. It is an hour of stomach aching laughter and upbeat fun music, with a strong core message.

***** 5 stars

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