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REVIEW | Toyland Murders | Edinburgh Fringe

Toyland Murders is a notably clever and exceptionally funny production that unfolds the mystery of the murders occurring in Toyland.

Performed entirely with puppets, the young actors from Kite Tail Theatre Company take to the stage and do a superb job embodying the characters and portraying faultless characterisation through both themselves and their puppets. Telling the story of Inspector McGraw and her trusted assistant Harv, they are put on the case to solve the series of murders.

The acting is superb, each and every actor give a tremendous amount of energy and commitment to their role. With the use of lively expressions and an animated tone, the puppets are truly brought to life. Becca Jones’s Inspector McGraw is assertive and this is portrayed excellently through her strong vocals. Alongside her, Harv played by James Roscow is a sweet and charming character. He addresses the audience with a whimpering voice and look of desperation to please. His character progression through the show is accomplished remarkably as he builds courage and strength, making him the most irresistably likeable character in the show.

When Inspector McGraw is faced with her “arch nemesis” Scratch, played by Charlotte Kirkman, it is a hilarious confrontation. Scratch attempts to display her evil nature through an array of cackling laughs and with an eery tone, however her pitiable attempts fall short.

The production itself is simplistic, which works in its favour as it allows the glorious script to shine. It is effortlessly funny, the witty jokes are strong and this is heightened with the cast’s magnificent comedy timing. Told through the eyes of the handmade puppets, they are ever so funny and utterly adorable. It is a pristine production that is thoroughly well rehearsed, with a Disney Pixar-esque feel, it is gloriously entertaining and very difficult not to love.

Toyland Murders is delightfully funny, and a top-quality piece of theatre for all ages.

**** 4 Stars

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