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REVIEW | Éowyn Emerald & Dancers | Edinburgh Fringe

Straight from the USA, Éowen Emerald dancers bring a simplistically stunning contemporary dance performance.

Choreographer Eowyn Emerald Barrett has created a selection of dances that reflect the themes of connectivity, discovery and love. The beauty of contemporary dance is its ability to be left to interpretation, the dancers move so eloquently and emanate passion.

The combination of music in the piece has a remarkable contrast, whilst the dance style flows consistently. The mixture of modern bands and classical music gives the piece variety, keeping each dance fresh and unexpected.  Throughout the performance there are moments where the music is vacant yet the dance still continues, you can only hear the heavy breathing of the dancers. This works effectively and doesn’t feel awkward at all, as the dancers are utterly engaging and these moments of stillness are incredibly moving.

As the production starts by showcasing the flexibility and almost acrobatic nature of the group, it slowly transcends into the grace and elegance of contemporary dance.  A highlight being the duet turned trio that is set to a jazz adaptation of Tchaikovsky. It is sensually slick but portrays through movement the oozing fire within the dancers. Their chemistry is playful and their flirtatious characterisation is alluring.

Just before the finale, they perform an emotive duet that has strong intensity. Their desire for one another is potent as their bodies lace together and move as one. The dancers appear magnetic, holding each other close and then forcing themselves apart. Completely focused and absorbed, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of their movement, each moment they touch sparks an emotional energy that is almost palpable.

Éowyn Emerald & Dancers’ performance is a compelling variety of contemporary dance that displays convincing emotion and sublime technique.

**** 4 stars

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