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REVIEW | Yeti’s – Demon Dive Bar | Edinburgh Fringe

I left the show yesterday wondering what I had just watched, but with a stomach that was quite literally aching from laughter.

To sum it up, it is a comedy in which a yeti invades the audience’s personal space. Upon entering the theatre, the highly charismatic yeti and her pianist are weaving in and out of the audience handing out food and chatting to people. The yeti then took centre stage and welcomed everyone to the show.

Jennifer Byrne and Vicky Falconer-Pritchard have created an hour-long show of an array of crazy characters and ludicrous songs. Amongst all the singing, prancing around, special guests, psychedelic nuns and insane revenge. It is a contemporary humour that based upon addressing the audience with highly animated facial expressions, and making awkward eye contact with the audience. Vicky Falconer-Pritchard excellently plays the freak who has an obsession with the psychedelic nuns and falls desperately at their feet as they arrive at the bar.

During the show we hear about the Yeti’s life growing up. Jennifer Byrne is charming as the Yeti, she climbs into the audience multiple times during the show, nicknaming people based on their aesthetic such as beardy and glasses. The audience interaction is what makes the show so brilliant, as the actors converse with the audience and play off their responses.

Despite the loose narrative, it’s an utter chaotic performance but the chemistry between the two actors is what makes the performance so sparky and vivacious. At the end of the show they thanked us for watching “their crazy shit” and explained that as best friends, they just love being on stage together, which really put the performance into perspective.

Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar is fresh, energetic and effortlessly funny.

**** 4 Stars

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