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REVIEW | Like Clockwork | Edinburgh Fringe

Like Clockwork is a contemporary musical, set in an intimate space, that tells the story of university student Grace who is entirely in love with her oblivious roommate Joe.

Written and performed by students from the University of Nottingham, it is a slick and inventive production that stars just four actors. This works exceptionally as it allows you to connect with each character, and gives them a chance to delve deeper into their performance in the short space of an hour.

Amy Foden plays the role of Grace and she exceptionally captures the charismatic sweetness of the role. She is highly convincing as her acting is subtle and suited to the space in which the piece is performed. Foden has remarkable comedy timing, and uses awkward pauses to create humour within the dialogue. This is mirrored by Joe, played by Laurence Cuthbert, a posh and gawky young guy who is tied down to his ghastly narcissistic girlfriend Pim (Charlotte Howarth). 

Grace receives the gift of a clock from her grandmother who has passed away, this clock then proceeds to come alive, and claims to be the physical embodiment of time itself. Played by Thomas Outhwaite, his extravagant nature provides a lot of humour and the musical number in which he introduces himself is a highlight of the production. Sung enchantingly with his jazzy tones, his stage presence is endearing.

The score is impressive and written innovatively, it is difficult to write music for a musical merely an hour long. However, the music plays a huge part in the production by bringing out the emotional elements through solos that echo monologues. Grace’s solo, where she sings about moving on from joe after pinning everything on him, is a flawless piece of music and a beautiful moment in the show.

Edinburgh Fringe is ideal for showcasing new musicals, and with a cast that have such a strong chemistry, Like Clockwork is a light-hearted production with a solid score.

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