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The award-winning comedy trio combine their outstanding use of characterisation with live music to create an utterly outrageous show about science fiction.

Telling the story of strangely unlikely hero, Charlie Sprog, the plain young boy is taken from his home planet and instructed to save the universe from total destruction. The three men starring in this piece erupt with glorious amounts of energy, which create a multitude of characters that Charlie encounters on his travels.

Integrated with music created by a drum kit and keyboard, they produce synth sounds to echo the intergalactic journey happening on stage. The three men are dressed plainly, allowing a clear canvas for their expressive characters and hilarious outbursts. Each performer excels in his ability to fully become each person, whether they’re an old woman, an insane man, or a robot with guns instead of hands.

Everything about the performance is ridiculous, but there is something about the three performers that really draws you into the story, anticipating what absurd thing is going to happen next. However most importantly, what crazy person we as an audience, are about to meet. The actors’ comedy timing is faultless and they bounce off each other so naturally.

There is an element of improvisation as the actors interact with the musicians on stage, which itself has both the musicians and the audience in hysterics. There is regular mocking of iconic cheesy pop songs, puns and famous actors’ lines, but it is performed in a way that is organically funny.

Sleeping Trees’ Sci Fi is heavily dramatic and downright erratic, but it is executed excellently. The actors have you completely sucked in from start to finish.

**** 4 Stars

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On until the 29th, tickets can be found here.

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