REVIEW | Driftwood | Edinburgh Fringe

We become who we are because of the people we encounter, and the connections we make with other humans. Following the success of their previous Edinburgh Fringe performance Knee Deep, Australian dance and circus company Casus Circus perform the stunning Driftwood, which explores the theme of human connection.

Performed in an extraordinary 1920’s style tent that is littered with radiant colour, mirrors surround the stage, creating a sparkle of light that reflects onto the performance. As the lighting dims, a cast of three men and two women appear on stage, creating unique and enthralling shapes that echo the idea of connectivity. They use their strength to trust each other, performing dangerous lifts and jaw-dropping acrobatics. Their ability to move so impressively, makes the room fall still.

Despite the art deco surroundings, the piece is set to a contemporary score that projects the root of human emotion through poetic lyrics. The dancers connect with one another in different ways, but when they come together as a group, it is almost as if they become one. It’s an intimate performance that leaves you questioning how much we need to have contact with other people in order to fulfil ourselves. Their movement is dynamic as the performers link together, showing the necessity of trust both in the performance, and in life.

Amongst the captivating moments, intertwined within the piece are playful duets that lighten the enthralling and tense elements of the show. Interjecting humour, a particular highlight involving a male performer undressing and dressing up a coat stand, which he then proceeds to balance on his head as another performer balances on top of him.

Throughout the piece, the constant shift of mood is created effectively with the use of lighting and movement. They compliment one another exquisitely, transitioning smoothly and keeping the performance alive with colour. It’s a highly ambient piece that is visually beautiful and truly moving. The audience were up on their feet at the end, in awe of the cast’s strength and ability.

**** 4 Stars

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On until the 28th, tickets for Driftwood can be found here.

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