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REVIEW | The Rocky Horror Show | UK Tour

Liam Tamne in the Rocky Horror Show - Review by Amy Stutz

The Rocky Horror Show is more than just an insane musical – it is an indescribable experience.

Based on the 1975 iconic cult film, hauls of fans turn up to the show dressed in crazy themed costumes to immerse themselves in the extremities of the show.

Theatre étiquette is thrown right out of the window in this elaborate production that invites the audience to shout outrageous innuendos from the crowd as well as consistently standing up to join in with some of the show’s timeless numbers

The story follows Brad and Janet, an all american couple that are recently engaged and get lost after taking a wrong turn. When the helpless couple Brad and Janet, played by Richard Meek and Diana Vickers stumble upon Dr Frank-N-Furter’s castle, they are overwhelmed by the intensity of the characters inside. With their quirky nature and overly sexual manner, the couple have been quite literally thrown into another world.

With impeccable timing, they have walked in on the evening that Frank-N-Furter is unveiling his latest creation – Rocky, played by Dominic Anderson. Modelled as a perfect specimen, wearing only tight leopard skin pants, with his ripped abs and chiselled cheek bones – it is hard to peel your eyes off him.

Liam Tamne in the Rocky Horror Show - Review by Amy Stutz

Whilst the plot is lost underneath the strength of the popular numbers, most of the audience are just there to have a good time an embrace the cult classics by echoing the actors on stage with their rhythmic script and saucy innuendos.

Richard Meek exceptionally conveys the uptight personality of Brad, who lacks confidence, particularly when it comes to his wife Janet. Diana Vickers portrays the sweetness of Janet through the soft tones of her delightful vocals.

Liam Tamne takes to the stage in his fish nets and suspenders as the exceptionally extravagant Frank-N-Furter. As he struts on stage during his opening number Sweet Transvestite and reveals his sensual dance moves paired with his high-powered vocals. He magnificently encapsulates both the comedic and highly erotic elements of the character. Tamne’s stage presence is remarkable as he manages to instantly switch between the threatening aspects of his character and the emotionally vulnerable side that is conveyed excellently during his moving solo I’m Going Home.

Frank-N-Furter’s slaves Riff Raff (Kristian Lavercombe), Columbia (Sophie Linder-Lee) and Magenta (Kay Murphy) have mastered the outlandish characterisation. Their cackling laughs alongside the provocative movement choreographed ingeniously by Nathan Wright provides an outrageous performance. This is highlighted in their iconic rendition of Time Warp which inevitably has the whole audience up on their feet, singing and dancing the title song of the production.

A favourite with the audience is the narrator, played by Norman Pace, whose comedy timing is slick as he bounces off the audience’s rude remarks.

The Rocky Horror Show is one of a kind and a production that everyone has to see at least once. With it’s scattered storyline in amoungst a ridiculously sexualised performance, it’s a highly animated show that will leave you howling with laughter.

The Rocky Horror Show is on at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until the 18th of June and tickets can be found here.

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