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Girl Gang Manchester | Immersive Screening of Mean Girls |

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Girl Gang Manchester are a group of creative women that work together to create events that bring together a community of people (of all genders) in Manchester to promote creativity, collaboration, confidence and positivity. Their aim is to help inspire and support women in their lives and promote equality.


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They put on an immersive screening of Mean Girls at the Hope Mill Theatre which included a range of stalls from local Manchester businesses, engaging workshops, a screening of the iconic teen movie Mean Girls and then an empowering danceathon with a playlist bursting with top female hits.


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Themed cocktails kicked the night off to an exciting start, located in the Hope Mill Theatre, a perfect setting creating an exceptional ambience. I felt like I’d literally been taken back in time and was at the North Shore Spring Fling.


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Originally produced by Girl Gang Sheffield, they have united to create Girl Gang Manchester and the event is aimed to emphasise the importance of female friendship and encourage women to be true to themselves and embrace the uniqueness of the women around them.


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There were workshops including cake decorating, creative writing, body positivity, everyday politics and many more. All in order to bring women together to have fun and relish in the creativity of many of the Manchester creatives involved in the event.


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Everyone got into the spirit, with many dressed in fabulous costumes to fit the era and style of the immersive screening. A huge effort was made and everyone was having a tremendous time, the whole evening emanated positivity.

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Before the screening began there was a Mean Girls quiz that was compered hilariously, the quiz was brilliant and clearly identified the Mean Girls fanatics.Then a flash mob style pop up performance bursting with Mean Girls quotes that had people screaming with laughter.


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After the performance created such vibrancy, everyone settled down with their cocktails and popcorn to watch Mean Girls. The whole atmosphere was something I’d never experienced before, everyone got involved with shouting the funniest quotes and when Tina Fey asked in the film: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Regina George” almost everyone in the audience’s hand shot up.


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The whole evening was executed impeccably, it was energetic, fun and bursting with empowerment. Women and men stood strongly together that evening to really emphasise the importance of women,  encourage friendship and most importantly celebrate ourselves and our achievements as women.

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