REVIEW | Let it Be | UK Tour

Credit: David MunnBeatles fans assemble and get down to the Manchester Opera House to immerse yourselves in a night of pure Beatles delight.

A musical where you are encouraged to stand up, sing and dance along and get your phones out to take photos and video. Throw your theatre etiquette out the window and take yourself back to the 60s, at Let It Be you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped back in time into a Beatles concert and it is a whole lot of fun.

The show opens in the iconic Cavern Club where the Beatles began their whirlwind of a career, opening with When I Saw Her Standing There the audience instantly fills with an exciting ambience and the energy becomes truly electric.

The show itself is no musical, we are taken through the catalogue of music by the Beatles on a timeline of their extensive career. In-between each set we are taken through different highlights of their careers such as the Royal Variety Performance and their first sold out tour of the USA. Spanning over 40 songs, the show is a real insight into what it was like back then during the Beatles frenzy.

From Yesterday, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, to Twist and Shout, every single number had the audience clapping, singing and dancing along – it is a Beatles fan’s dream.

Credit: David Munn

Emanuele Angeletti (Paul), Rueven Gershon (John), Paul Mannion (George) and Stuart Wilkinson (Ringo) immerse themselves into their characters. It is evident they have greatly researched into each character’s mannerisms as they have fine tuned their speech and gait to be highly convincing. Not only are their characteristics superb but their chemistry with one another is dynamic.

Whilst it isn’t based around a storyline like other successful musicals such as Jersey Boys and We Will Rock You, it has the essence of Thriller with it’s style of performance being in concert form.

The Beatles have been reborn in this musical that will have you singing and dancing out of the theatre, ideal for Beatles fans Let It Be truly captures the mark the Beatles left on the world. It sparks moments of emotion particularly during their acoustic set of Blackbird and Here Comes The Sun. 

However the highlight is most definitely not the first, but the second encore in which the cast had the whole of the Manchester audience on their feet singing and swaying to Hey Jude. 

Vibrant Beatles magic is brought to the stage of the Manchester Opera House showcasing the Beatles’ timeless music. On until Saturday the 5th of March, tickets can be found here.

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