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Escaping Winter — 10 Destinations to Chase Away the Blues


If you’re like me you are probably feeling very cold, very pale and quite depressed about the fact that Christmas is over. I’ve been scrolling through Instagram seeing multiple posts from people who are jetting off on holiday and I am ridiculously jealous. It is actually painful for me to be stuck in Manchester in the freezing cold rainy climate counting down the days until summer.

If you have a bad case of the winter blues, then the most effective cure is getting a fix of summer sun. But rather than waiting months on end to receive this remedy back home, how about visiting one of the following holiday destinations now? All of which are guaranteed to heal your aversion to arctic temperatures and icy-cold climates. I’ve teamed up with First Choice to create a list of hot holiday destinations that you can visit right now and throughout the Winter months.

1. Tenerife

Along with year-round mild temperatures and endless days of glorious sunshine, Tenerife boasts some superb activities to capitalise on too. These include scuba diving with mesmerising marine life and hiking up Mount Teide, the third largest volcano in the world.

2. Mexico

On Mexico’s Atlantic coastline, there is the opportunity to visit ancient temples during the day but then party throughout the night at any one of the Yucatán Peninsula’s buzzing beach resorts.

3. Jamaica

Few places resemble preconceived portrayals of paradise as accurately as Jamaica, particularly Montego Bay. In recent years, this stunning resort has been welcoming those on all inclusive holidays to its shores, who are greeted by the intoxicating rhythms of reggae and the stirring spiciness of jerk cuisine.


4. The Maldives

If any destination were going to rival Jamaica’s heaven-like holiday charm, it would be the Maldives. This chain of impeccable coral atolls in the Indian Ocean promises to provide visitors with the ultimate still and serene beach retreat.

5. Malta

To discover more about the island’s gripping past and captivating culture, stay near to the historical capital of Valletta. However, for a more authentic insight into everyday life for the locals while also taking advantage of Malta’s Mediterranean climate, choose Mellieha Bay on its north coast.

6. Vietnam

Forget about Thailand and head to one of Southeast Asia’s more intriguing destinations instead. Although Vietnam has experienced some turbulent times in recent history and currently functions under a unique political system, its secluded island resorts are far from lacking in luxury.

7. Cape Verde

Under the radar for most sun seekers, Cape Verde is starting to develop a glowing reputation for its superb beaches and outstanding resorts. The most easterly island of Boa Vista has a 55-kilometre coastline featuring rocky bays, endless stretches of sand, and activities such as windsurfing for those with itchy feet.

8. Sri Lanka

Head south of Colombo, bear witness to verdant rice paddies and tea plantations along the way before ending up on the beguiling golden beaches just west of Galle.

9. Morocco

While visitors to Morocco should spend at least a couple of days in manic Marrakech, the quieter coastal town of Essaouira is a bit more suitable for holidaymakers wanting peace and tranquillity from their winter getaway.


10. The Seychelles

If you’re looking for action and adventure as well as rest and relaxation, consider the Seychelles. Go snorkelling among remarkable reefs or trek through astonishing jungles.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom this winter. Endless balmy destinations await your arrival.

Images by leigh_householder and Fulvio’s photos, used under Creative Commons licence

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