A Jar Full of Memories


Let’s be honest, as soon as the 1st of September arrived we grabbed our coats and scarfs accepting the fact that summer is over. Earlier this summer I teamed up with ThinkMoney and their fantastic summer memories campaign. In conjunction with their Jam J-art project they asked me to fill a 1L Kilner Jar with memorabilia I’ve collected over summer. You can read more about their project here.

After spending months filling up my jar with bits and bobs that remind me of my favourite summer memories, I decided to put together a blog post explaining a little bit about the memories I’ve collected this summer.

My summer properly started in June when I spent a week in London doing work experience at The Bookseller magazine. I had the most incredible week thanks to my friend Anna James, I learnt so much about the industry and fell desperately in love with living in London.

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In July I spent a majority of the month on holiday. Firstly I jet off to Paris for a long weekend with my best friend and we had the most fabulous time. We packed everything into four days, from the Eiffel Tower to shopping on the Champs Elysees and we had the most magical evening up the Monteparnasse tower sipping cocktails with stunning views over the city of Paris. I fell head over heels in love with the city and the culture.

I then got back from Paris and two days later flew out to Rome to start my Italian adventure with my family. The city itself is packed with history and there are so many beautiful places to see, however it was pretty hard going sightseeing in 38 degrees. I found an absolute gem in Rome, that being the most delicious ice cream shop I’ve ever experienced, Giolitti.

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After five days of sweltering heat and a lot of Roman history we head down to the coast of Italy to spend 10 days of relaxation in Sorrento. I ate my bodyweight in pasta and had about four naps a day,  it was perfect and I managed to recharge after a very busy year.

12007194_10206755657162119_1727186842_nOne of my absolute favourite days this summer wasn’t a lavish holiday or expensive outing, it was actually a very sunny day in which my best friend and I spontaneously decided to go on a hike. We walked for seven hours and talked the whole way about everything going on in our lives. It was one of those perfect days, we weren’t connected to the internet, we weren’t preoccupied by distractions, it was just us and the serenity of the great outdoors.12029185_10206755657082117_2045678731_n

A week later my mum and I had a very British day out when we travelled down to London to see the Queen. Upon arriving at Buckingham Palace we collected our audio guides and went round an interesting tour of Buckingham Palace and the state rooms inside. It was really intrieguing and so eye opening to look around such a magnificent palace and learn about the history of the monarchy. When we finished the tour we had a nose around the palace gardens and then head down to the Shaftesbury Theatre for dinner and to see Memphis the Musical!







Towards the end of the holidays my two best friends from Oxford came up and we drove down to West Midlands Safari Park. It was the longest drive I’ve done in my car since I’d passed my test but surprisingly we didn’t get lost and made it there in one piece. After buying some animal food we put the Lion King soundtrack on and saw all the adorable animals. My absolute favourite being the giraffes which were so friendly and kept sticking their heads in my car.

My memories this summer were wonderful and I hope to make even better ones next year. So as I put away my summer dresses and start preparing for Christmas, I can still glance at my jar on my bedroom shelf and be reminded of all the lovely memories.


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