Upcoming theatre: Little Women


Little Women is a classic tale about sisterhood, friendship and love. The story surrounds the lives of the four March sisters and it’s beautifully brought to the Old Rep stage next week.

Jo March, played by Elise Jones, is the definition of a strong modern feminist. She fights against the gender stereotypes forced upon her as she strives to achieve her dream to become a world renowned writer. Her fearlessness is truly admirable as she doesn’t stop at anything in order to fulfill her passion. Alongside Jo, her older sister Meg, played by Mia Richards, flawlessly portrays the hopeless romantic when she falls in love with John Brooke played by Matthew Nicholas. Beth, played by Louise Francis, is bound to capture the heart of everyone in the audience especially during her moving duet “Some Things Are Meant To Be”. The youngest sister Amy, played by Charlotte King, is easily mistaken as the most naive sister but her transformation throughout the show from young girl to young woman is remarkable.

Directed by Stephen Whitson, the show emphasises on the importance of sisterhood and friendship especially when life is rough. There are several emotional moments during the show, particularly when Marmee (Mother March) played by Cheylr Hume tries to hold the family together when times are hard. However it is also uplifting, heartwarming and funny, particularly when the love interest Laurie, played by Alex Cardall attempts to win the heart of Jo.

Despite the attempts of Aunt March played by Sally Mcneil, Jo refuses to abide by the rules of “becoming a lady” and goes out of her way to persuade publishers to publish her story. With the encouragement of Professor Bhaer played by Bradley Walwyn and Mrs Kirk played by Katie Baker, Jo triumphs and eventually her hard work pays off.

Alongside the wonderful story the music is stunning, with captivating vocals from the whole cast. The highlight of the show being the creatively staged “Weekly Volcano Press” bringing Jo’s imaginative story to life, and of course Jo’s unforgettable solo “Astonishing” sang by the immensely talented Elise Jones.

Tickets are available for Little Women at The Old Rep here. Don’t miss you chance to see the musical theatre stars of the future in this astonishing show.

Little Women is on from the 30th of April to the 2nd of May at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham.



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