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It’s the first Monday in March and I wanted to provide you with a little inspiration this morning.

I have pinned this quote on Pinterest numerous times because it is something that took me a very long time to learn, yet is something I truly believe in.

We all go through those teenage years of trying to be like everybody else and essentially trying to “fit in”. We all have this idea that there is some image or social status that we need to reach in order to feel like we have achieved something in life. That by squeezing ourselves into this mould of popularity or perfection that doesn’t actually exist, will somehow fulfill us. If I were talking to my fourteen year old self I’d tell her that although it might feel like standing out is the worst possible thing that could happen to you, turns out, it is actually the best.

As we grow up we come to realise that individuality is the essence of success. I couldn’t even count the amount of times I have read other blogs and thought “why don’t I write like that” “why can’t I think of topics that interesting”. Whereas at the end of the day, what makes my blog different to others is because the content comes from me, the words and thoughts are my own and that’s what my readers like to read.

Sometimes it’s important just to reinforce that message, that you’re not going to get anywhere in life by copying what everybody else is doing. Business men and women don’t become rich by all using the same business ideas, they find their own innovative and creative ideas, and it works the same way in life. You will never make a difference if you just coast through life, without thinking your own thoughts and speaking your own words.

It’s the beginning of March and the start of spring, meaning time for a change. Make it a necessity to find within yourself what makes you unique and bring that out for everyone to see.


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