Sincerely, Amy

Welcome to my new blog,

Last year I created a blog called Writing Through Silence, I always loved to write and I wanted to share my work with the world and blogging was the easiest way to do that. At first, all the writing I published on that blog focused on current issues that affected me and other young people, and topics that I was inspired to write my opinion about. I centred my writing around the Virginia Woolf quote “I want to write about silence, the things people don’t say.”

As time went by I stumbled across the “blogging world” and started reading other people’s blogs and I wanted to post a more variety of content. Due to my love for theatre I then applied, was interviews and later became the official blogger for The Birmingham Hippdrome, which is the biggest theatre in Birmingham. So as I started writing theatre reviews, I also ventured into writing lifestyle posts and travel posts alongside my normal writing.

I decided to change the name of my blog to Sincerely Amy because I felt it fit the content more and I wanted to expand the genre of writing on my blog. I also wanted my name to be incorporated in the title of the blog because ultimately my blog is my brand, it’s who I am and I wanted to add a bit of personality into it, so it wasn’t just about the writing but also about the person behind the words.

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about blogging in the past year, the different types of bloggers, the content that people love to read, the importance of photos and blog layouts. So that’s why I have upgraded my blog, made it look a bit fancier and put a new spin on it. Thanks to the fabulous Pasquale whose work you can find here, he fantastically put together this whole blog in merely a matter of days.

Writing is my passion but recently I’ve become more and more interested in taking photos, I have a lovely little camera and I really like messing around with different angles and different settings to take interesting photos. I plan to take a lot of more photos and they are something I aim to feature a lot more on my blog.

Ultimately my blog is my baby and I put a lot of work into it because it is what I love to do. I’m not aiming to be one of those famous bloggers that get invited to all the events such as fashion shows and lavish parties. I just want to get my writing and ideas out there for people to see. But most importantly I want to keep my writing grounded and stay real and relatable. I know nothing about beauty or fashion, but I do know a lot about life. I will write about what I encounter in life, issues I’m interested in, places I visit, what inspires me and the things that I love. I will express myself and my life through words, and it will all be posted here on my shiny new blog.

Sincerely, Amy.




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