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‘No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.’ Taylor Swift

Everybody is easily influenced, whether it is by their parents, their friends, or celebrities. At the end of the day we all get our inspiration from someone. I wanted to write about Taylor Swift because of her incredible positive impact on celebrity culture.

If you know me personally, or even just follow me on twitter. You’ll know I am a massive Taylor Swift fan. As I have been since I was 10 years old, and a good 7 years of admiration towards someone must mean something. Ultimately I’ve grown up with her, as many of girls my age have. However it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve realised how different she is compared a lot of celebrities and the reason behind why she gives me so much inspiration.

I wrote a blog post about role models a while back and I briefly touched on Taylor Swift. She has been given a lot of stick in the past for numerous things, such as dating and her songwriting. Whilst watching an interview she mentioned the hate she gets for writing about her relationships and she cleverly points out the fact that Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars are both song writers that have albums full of songs about their relationships yet receive no criticism about it. As a feminist, it’s obvious to me that the music industry is insanely sexist and Taylor Swift is a victim of this.

However she manages to take the criticism from the media and turn it into something amazing, which recently was creating her album 1989.

Most people know Taylor Swift for writing about love and heartbreak but her new album is something she has never done before. This album represents her new awakening to life; rising above the heartbreak and hate and finding herself. This album came at the perfect time for me as I was just starting to love life for the right reasons.

When I tell people how happy I am to be living alone and living my life on my own terms and to be free and independent and empowered, the first thing they say to me is ‘Oh, don’t worry you’ll find someone’ and that is so not the point. What if your life completes itself? -Taylor Swift

What I admire the most about Taylor is the way she has grown up. She presents herself with grace and elegance and is everything that a girl my age should look up to. Her new album is the perfect representation of growing up. All the music is an empowering example of being yourself and not caring about anything anyone says about you. It’s difficult being young and her music inspires and evokes a sense of self belief within her fans.

She is not in the music industry for the money; she loves what she does and takes every opportunity to give back to the people who got her there. She held “secret sessions” and had over 300 people come to her houses to hear her album before it was released. She is constantly commenting on instagram and tumblr posts with inspiring and uplifting messages to her fans. Lately she has even been surprising her fans by sending them personalised Christmas presents. I’ve even experienced it myself when I was given front row seats by her because our costumes were so good at her concert last year.

I didn’t write this post to force you to all become obsessed with Taylor Swift  but I wanted to enlighten people with the importance of looking up to someone who is actually doing good in the world. It’s true that the people and influences that you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your attitude and way of life.

Of course I don’t want to be Taylor Swift because I’m very happy being myself. However I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that there are positive role models in the public eye. Whilst lots of young stars have let fame get to their head and gone off the rails, Taylor Swift is a prime example of how you can be successful and still maintain a grounded way of life.

Her songs encourage you to “shake it off” and do what you want to do despite anybody else’s opinion. She shows the importance of staying level-headed and grateful for what you have in order to increase your success and ultimately your happiness.

I’m proud to look up to Taylor Swift as a successful, ambitious, independent woman who lives life the way she wants to and doesn’t give a damn about what anyone has to say about that.


  • jeffreykholbrook

    24th November 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Great post! There are too many who spend time trying to drag down those they are jealous of. In my 51 years, I have seen way to many young celebrities lose it, and many times even lose their lives to it. I agree Taylor Swift is a great role model. She does face various biases as we all do in different areas, but deciding that NO obstacle will be too great, is what gets her through.
    It is great to hear you still want to be yourself in spite of how great an example she is. It looks like you got the message she is sending loud and clear! Be happy with yourself first. There’s plenty of time to live the rest of your life. Who knows what amazing things might happen?!


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