Becoming a writer

I felt like I needed to start the lifestyle section of my blog and wanted to open it with a little bit about myself and how I came about creating my blog.

It all began only a year ago when I entered the stage of my teenage life where I was forced to make decisions on my future, such as what university I want to go to, what I want to study and these were some tough decisions that I had to make. I currently study Musical Theatre at a performing arts college in Birmingham and it has been something that I have enjoyed but I found that studying it 24/7 in a very professional way, I discovered that it was something that just wasn’t a career for me.

Which was absolutely fine apart from the fact I was stuck in a rut, feeling the time ticking away on making decisions on what I will do with my life when I leave college.

I have always loved writing, English was my favourite subject at school and it was something I truly excelled at. Reading was also something that I am devoted to. I read everything that is put in front of me, from books, newspapers, magazines, theatre programmes, information booklets. Literally anything that you can read, I’d read it. I am a very curious person and I am easily fascinated. I started to write for fun in secondary school, I have a few chapters that I wrote from books I never finished writing, poems and even incredibly random bits of writing. ( I think I wrote about how everything in the world looks different after it rains once) slightly random, I know.

I’m quite an introverted person and I find it a lot easier to express myself through written word rather than speech. Whenever I came across something I was passionate about I would write and write until I had no thoughts left inside my brain. It all seems a lot easier for me to express my strong views and opinions by writing. It’s only when I started to read my work back a few months later, I realised that actually this is something that I am good at

So I started a blog.

I decided to name my blog “Writing Through Silence” inspired by the Virginia Woolf quote from the book The Voyage Out “I want to write a novel about silence,” he said; “the things people don’t say.” As I felt it accurately represented my style of writing.

When I write a blog post I must have an idea, it’s impossible for me to sit down and think “right, I need an idea of what to write about so what shall I write about”. That’s just not the way it works. I am normally struck by an idea when I’m just falling asleep, walking somewhere and I’m in a hurry, or in the middle of a conversation with someone. As I cannot possibly risk losing this idea I grab my little notebook that I always carry around with my in my handbag and write down everything that comes into my head. Like this.

IMG_2317 (1)

Then when I get home I look at these ideas, wonder what the hell I have written as I can’t even read my own handwriting and order my notes into another notebook like this.


After I have succeeded in my attempts to write notes like a sophisticated blogger, I then write over a thousand words of blabber onto a word document (referring to my beautifully written notes of course). Then I re-read it a few times and cut out the irrelevant bits. I then re-read for spelling and grammar and send it to a friend for her to check it over.

Finally I have written a blog post, so I tweet about it a billion times in order to get it read.

I have seen the views on my blog sky-rocket over the last two months which is fantastic and fills me with happiness for a good few hours, as I receive tweets and emails about how much people love and have related to my writing. Making me feel a special butterflies in your stomach kind of happiness as I am always very proud of what I’ve written.

I’m really excited to continue with my blog and write some exciting posts for you all to read. I am hoping to get into university in September 2015 to study Journalism and continue my blogging as a career which should be lots of fun and it’s a job I could really see myself doing.

I’m trying not to plan my future too much because things never go to plan however I’d love to become a journalist, write a few books and live in New York. Which surely isn’t too much to ask?

I know who I am, what I love, where I want to be and most importantly how I am going to get there.

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